Marina management software of the next generation.

Marinacloud is an innovative, powerful and user friendly marina management software developed by a team of experienced marina professionals and engineers with the goal of modernizing marina business and adapting it to a new market trends.

It combines over 50 years of experience and know-how in managing world class marinas with leading Oracle Cloud technology to deliver a reliable software service which helps you to run your marina with more efficiency at lower costs.

Marinacloud is designed by marina managers for marina managers.

Reduce the complexity of marina operations

We spent years of developing and modelling the best operational procedures to prototype a business model of an efficient marina.After thorough and intensive testing in real-time conditions, we translated our models into standardized and reliable software using state-of-the-art cloud technology.

Increase customer satisfaction

Your clients put great confidence in your service and expect maximum engagement. With Marinacloud you will provide a better, faster and innovative service to your customers and exceed their expectations.

Make better decisions

Marinacloud delivers the most importantnumbers straight to your dashboard, 24/7.Now you can make the important decisionsfaster and smarter, based on true facts andfigures and not feelings.

Reduce IT costs

No expensive servers or installations. No setup fees, no exit penalties, no long term licencing contracts.Use as many licences as you need, on monthly basis. You only pay what you use.


Simple and easy to use

Marinacloud is easy to use. With intuitive navigation and simple menus, even users with no experience in using digital interfaces can learn it in no time.

Acceptance and implementation is resistance-free. Just like browsing the web.

Designed for mobile

The entire world has gone mobile and so have the business operations of marinas.Marinacloud is designed for conventional computers and mobile devices. You don’t have to be in your office to be fully operational.With marinacloud, you go to where your customers are.

Deliver more service with less stress

You have a serious business to run. Many expensive boats, hundreds of berths, tons of problems…

You need a stable sistem to help you with billing, contracts, berth management, keeping track of guests in transit and  pleasing permanent guests – as well as all other boring, yet important tasks such as accounting and reporting.

What you lack the most is quality time with your customers and insights to help you solve their real problems. Your staff needs reliable tool  to work better and more efficient on daily basis. With MarinaCLOUD you will deliver more service for less costs.

A good day in the marina starts with a good marina management system...

Discover our marina specific features developed to address the most common issues in daily marina operations …

Interactive high-quality marina map

Berth management is one of the most important aspects of marina operations. It is essential for marina managers to have accurate information about the current and further utilization of marina resources.

In Marinacloud, we use high-quality interactive maps in scale to provide accurate information about the position, size and status of every single boat and berth in the marina.

With help of our booking calendar you can manage future reservations and new contracts to ensure the optimal utilization of your resources at any time.

Integration with video surveillance

Further upgrade of this feature is available with LiveCAM. We integrated video surveillance into MarinaCLOUD to provide a real time view of every single berth in the marina (assuming it is covered with the surveillance cameras). This upgrade adds on reliability and saves hundreds of working hours for marina staff.


Proactive Boat Care

Marina business is all about confidence.

Your customers leave their expensive boats in your marina and you have a huge responsibility to ensure the safety of their vessels while they are at home. You have to justify the confidence they have in your facility.

In our concept of proactive boat care, marina staff performs regular dock walks to check the status of every boat and berth, which are recorded straight into our application on a rugged android smartphone. Every activity performed on the vessel is logged with a description and a photo. Once a week (or at your own schedule), a photo of every single vessel in the marina is taken and saved in the system, then sent in an automated personalized weekly report to each of our contract customers.

You have a recorded log of your performance as measure of your service and responsibility.

95% of our customers are absolutely delighted with this servicey reports



Customer satisfaction with Proactive Boat Care weekly reports


80% of customers read weekly report


99.99% system uptime with no failures

Clean and simple design

Marinacloud delivers the most important numbers straight to your dashboard, 24/7.

Now you can make the important decisions faster and smarter, based on true facts and figures and not feelings.

Designed to run on all devices

The entire world has gone mobile and so have marinas too.

Marinacloud is designed for conventional computers and mobile devices. You don’t have to be in your office to be fully operational. With marinacloud, you go to where your customers are.

You can run your marina from anywhere in the world!

Marinacloud is a cloud application 

With marinacloud, there are no expensive servers, complicated licences, operating systems, databases, administrators, hidden costs etc.

Just a moderate monthly subscription fee with no contractual obligation. You will pay only what you use.

We run on best-in-class Oracle Cloud technology. There is not substitute for quality…

Kresimir Zic, M.Sc.

Kresimir Zic, M.Sc.

Marinacloud founder & CEO


Driven by personal experience

Over the last 15 years, being President of the board and co-owner of Marina Punat , I encountered many different challenges of marina management to fulfill the mission of our company.

We were had to deal on daily basis with operational issues like whether all contracts were charged and invoiced, which berths are vacant for transit right now and how can we maximize their usage, why we lost a specific customer and can we avoid it in future… To combat our paranoia of mistake and fear of missing an opportunity, we tried many different approaches. We both failed and excelled in application of various quality standards and processes in attempt to shape a robust and stable business model  (ISO 9001, Six Sigma, Lean, education, stimulation, motivation…). But at the end of the day we learned that there is only one way to efficiently manage a complex business like a marina: a reliable integrated IT system. Unfortunately, it is costly to develop and maintain it on your own.

Looking for off-shelf CRM solutions we realized none of them suits specific needs of marina operations and none of existing marina management tools offered complex solutions for safety protocols and operational procedures we wanted to implement to achieve our strategic goals. So we engaged the best developers and engineers to create our own marina management system.

We hope that our experience will help other marinas coping with similar issues in daily business.



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